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Auto Locksmith Service If you give us a call at 302-312-8060 our auto locksmith expert will be on site as soon as possible to help unlock your car door. We train our vehicle lockout specialists to unlock your locked vehicle without causing vehicle damage, scratches or dents. First Auto Assist ’ team of auto locksmiths have the tools and training to quickly get your vehicle open. When relying on First Auto Assist you can expect your vehicle lockout service provider to be professional, quick and avoid any vehicle damage when unlocking your car.

Vehicle Lockout Service

  • Pricing
  • Flat rate of $75.99
  • No hidden fees!
  • No membership needed!

The car lockout service team has been trained to get you into your locked vehicle without causing damage or wasting unnecessary time. Finding a reliable roadside assistance provider can be hard, with First Auto Assist you can rest easy knowing you have a team of professional and local automotive locksmiths close by.

The Area’s Best Auto Lockout Service Team
Here at  First Auto Assist our mobile vehicle lockout service provide fast ETA’s in Delaware and the surrounding. Call 302 312 8060 for fast and friendly service. If your locked vehicle is currently running or the battery has died consider our jump start or fuel delivery service.

October 2021
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How It Works
When you call  First Auto Assist a customer service representative will answer the phone (no holding and no automated calls!). After you tell them your vehicle model and year they will dispatch a service technician with the necessary tools to get you back into your car.
When our technician arrives at your location they will unlock your locked car without causing damage or ruining your vehicles lock mechanism.
After the service technician unlocks your vehicle you can get back on your way or our technician can perform any other roadside assistance you need.
With some newer model vehicles it is possible to unlock your vehicle with a remote signal from your Onstar service or use a built in keypad and code to unlock your doors. Make sure you set these systems up ahead of time so that you are able to get into your vehicle if you accidently lock your keys inside.